Pete's Cryptic Crosswords


But although the puzzles are very challenging, I can assure you they are solvable with some perseverance, sharp pencils and a good eraser.   In fact, many thanks to my son Kris, also an avid variety Cryptic's fan, for test solving all these puzzles.   

However for those who find them too challenging, I have provided a "Tips & Tricks" section and will also provide clues and extra information for each puzzle if you should need them.   But please try and solve them 'as is' first - it's very rewarding.

Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated

About Me and my Puzzles


My name is Peter Green and I am now live in Canada but I was brought up in England.   So I became hooked on Cryptic Crosswords at a very early age.   Then I recently discovered that I enjoy creating them even more! 

So here are the ones I've built so far and if you try the puzzles, please let me know how you get on; especially if you solve them!   But beware, these are not normal puzzles.   I have a variety of formats, all of which can be classified as of the 'hard variety' kind.  Most of them are of the what I call the "continuous" format where there are no black squares or bars and no numbers.   All the clue answers just follow each other along each row or down each column, continuing at the start of the next row or column when you get to the right or bottom of the grid.   

In addition, for any format, answer words will often have to have a letter removed first, or be altered in some other way, or have more than one letter put in a single square,  etc.   Every puzzle will have a unique 'trick' associated with it.   So for these puzzles you'll definitely need good logic skills just as much as the ability to solve cryptic clues